On-ramp to Social Media Marketing

Provide Free WiFi to your customers and reach all their Facebook friends instantly. Your customers get access to free and secure WiFi when they log in using their Social Media accounts. We built Facebook, Twitter and other social features into a customized login screen for your business. No need to redirect your customers all over the internet.

Promote your brand Virally

Customers can virally promote your brand to all their Facebook friends the moment they login to your WiFi. Customer comments gets posted on their Facebook home page so all their friends can see where they like to shop, eat, or hang out. Use the social recommendation engine with our new c2c marketing platform to share specials and daily deals with your customers’ Facebook friends.

Relate to your Customers

Take advantage of our social CRM to monitor your growth on platforms like Facebook. The CRM is also a great way to manage your interactions with your customers: Use it to generate lively discussions, update/announce new items or offer promotions. The tools are easy to use and our trained staff can help you make the most of it.